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Just -4-Kids Pre-School
15420 Ranchero Road
Hesperia, California 92345

License # 364803704;364803705
(760) 244-8280

Monday-Friday 6am-6:30pm

Ages 3years-13years

(Before & After School Programs Available)

Breakfast served 6:30am-7am
Our school is a designated bus stop for Cottonwood, Mesquite Trails, and Mesa Grande Elementary Schools.

We pick up at Mission Crest, LaVerne Prep. and Crystal in our own bus.





If you have any questions you may email us at: just4kids.preschool@yahoo.com 

About Our Program:

Just-4-Kids Pre-School is a unique center offering variety of activities for children age 3 to 13. We are l
ocated on a 2 acre plot, our 5000 sq. ft. building is licensed for 90 children.

We believe that a child's early experiences such as creating, exploring, discovering, & learning through play enhances their future growth.

Our goal is to create an atmosphere of self-respect, self-discipline, and high self-esteem. We provide a program that responds to the child's emotional, social, physical a well as their cognitive needs. At our center, each child's unique individuality is valued while reaching their highest potential.

Children are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of activities which include math, science, art, language, music, computer introduction, large motor and fine motor activities.

The children learn through play, mirroring, self help opportunities and social interaction that promote development of the whole child.

Our curriculum along with our teachers stimulates positive interaction and positive re-direction. It is our belief that most behavior problems can be handled in an environment in which they occur.

It is the philosophy of our facility that all children deserve respect. By setting clear and consistent rules in the classroom and playground, the children have the opportunity to make appropriate choices.


Just-4-Kids Pre-School was designed with kids in mind. It is decorated as a kid-size town. Individual classrooms make up the town’s houses and come complete with decorated stain glass windows as well as flowered door-frames.

Other special features include:
• Computer Alley - contains working computers for kids to learn on
• The Library - contains books for the children to enjoy
• The Toy Store - a hands on play area for small manipulative
• Tiny Town Grocery - our kids size play grocery store and kitchen
• Fire Station 51 - serves as the school’s restrooms
• The Just-4-Kids Café - our full sized kitchen and lunch counter area
• The Town Park - contains our inside climbing structure

Outside are two separate gated playgrounds:
• One designed for children ages 3- 5 with low climbers, slides and tricycles.
• The other designed for children ages 5 and older with more challenging climbers and slides, larger tricycles and scooters for developing muscles.



Safety is an important issue and to help ensure the safety of your children, our school is equipped with several safety features that include:
• Security Doors at the front entrance
• Video Monitoring Cameras (Front office as well as in classrooms and play area)
• Foam rubber padding around the inside climber
• Developmentally appropriate play equipment and toys
• A Warm, Caring, and quailified staff!