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I wanted to take a moment to thank you ALL, Johnny is in love with all of you and tells me how much he misses you after just a weekend.  Your willingness to work with him has made all the difference.  I could not thank you ALL enough.  Your team work is amazing and has played a huge role in Johnny's growth.  Mandy & Rick Notarianni 

To the entire staff, teachers and helpers at Just-4-Kids preschool and Just-4-Toddlers;

                Caiden has been enrolled at both facilities thru out the past 4 years.  When Caiden was two, he came to me and asked, “if it was time to go to big boy school, that he was ready to go.” I had a really great babysitter at the time, but thought-why not try it? I said, “OK” and then went searching for just the right pre-school for him attend.  I was having second thoughts about enrolling him into a pre-school until I found Just-4-Toddlers and Just-4-Kids facilities.  This was exactly how I pictured a facility I would want my son to attend!!

                Caiden has made several friends and has learned so much during his time at both the facilities.  We recently moved to Oak Hills and Caiden will be enrolled into Baldy Mesa Elementary-Snowline school district for 1st grade.  Unfortunately this means Caiden will be leaving J-4-K at the end of the Private Kindergarten school year in May 2013.  We will always remember the school and all the exceptional teachers and learning experiences!

                I want to thank each and every one at J-4-K for their professionalism, caring, time and energy they have in taking care of the most precious people in our lives, our children.  J-4-K has been a great experience for my son Caiden and for my nephew, Kristian  for the months he was staying with us.  I couldn’t have picked a better place for both of them to be!

                The learning thru play, atmosphere and teachers have made it easier to leave the kids in their care in the early morning.  Having a strong sense of security and very safe environment for the children (not everyone has the opportunity to place their children in, when having to work), has been a true blessing each and every day.  J-4-K has always kept the kids best interest at heart and it truly shows!  I have never once had to worry about Caiden or his safety at J-4-K.  They have also been able to keep Caiden interested in learning even thru his travels back and for to his Father’s house in Vegas.  Caiden has always been very anxious to return to school after his visits and sometimes extended visits away from home and school.  He has never lost interest in the school, learning, friends and/or teachers.  Not once has he ever said, “He had a bad day.”  Every afternoon he is smiling and gives his rounds of hugs to the staff and his friends before leaving J

                Again, thank you all for making Caiden’s pre-school years the best ever!  Many great memories for both Caiden and I!  I will always refer your facility to anyone looking for the BEST pre-school and/or Private Kindergarten in the High Desert!  Hope all of you have a wonderful Mother’s Day too!

Sincerely, A Very Gracious Mother,

Devin Dore’