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Here's what our customers are saying...

"I love the center. From the first day everyone is so welcoming and willing to answer any concerns that you may have. My son has learned alot from attending Just-4-Kids and I recommend this center to family and friends. I think there is a great curriculum and well organized. Everyone is very helpful." Tiffany son 4 years old 
"I feel safe that my daughter is here. Ms. Linda is a great teacher so is Ms. Chrissy. I wouldn't choose another school. She has learned so much" - Nick Daughter 2 old
" My daughter who just turned 4 in June started Just-4-Kids Preschool 2 months ago and she has already learned how to write her name. My daughter was never one to clean her room and now she does it with no problem. I love Just-4-Kids preschool and believe its worth every penny. The staff and teachers are amazing!" Ashley 
"Ms. Linda has been a great provider for my daughter, It is her first time being away from mom and dad and Ms. Linda has made it a great experience for my daughter."- Cheri Daughter 2 years old
"I really want to commend the director, Myra for all her great work at Just-4-Kids. She not only gets along great with the kids but also the parents. She is always very professional and polite no matter what the situation. She has always made me and most importantly, my son, feel very special as she does, I noticed with all the other children as well. Thank you Ms.Myra!"
"My experiences with your school have have been very pleasureable so far. My child has gone through some growing and learning processes in the year he has been here and the school has been very patient and willing to work through our challanges with us. I feel that there is a genuine love and caring for my child and people here truely want to see him succeed" 
"My experience having my child in your preschool has been great.  Just-4-Kids makes me feel comfortable knowing I'm leaving my child in a safe place.  The enviorment there is always positive and my son has learned many things since starting.  I am very happy I chose Just-4-Kids." Rafaela son 4 years old
"My boss had her children at Just-4-Kids, so she recomended them.  Since I've had my daughter in Just-4-Toddlers and now Just-4-Kids, I've been nothing but pleased.  I'm very impressed with the front desk, no one gets in without aprroval, and Kristin knows every child and parents name, which is impressive.  Also, she and all the teachers and Ms. Myra have been very helpful and nice.  I love my daughters teacher Ms. Juana, she's wonderful.  She is always updating me on my daughters progress, and my daughter knows a little spanish now too." Corinne daughter 4 years old
"My daughter can be more then a handful but the teachers and staff of Just-4-Kids have always been very kind andcaring when it comes to dealing with her.  She has learned so much since starting at Just-4-Kids and she loves Ms. Jaime.  I would recommend Just-4-Kids and its wonderful staff to anyone looking for a great school." Stephanie daughter Pre-K
"I really enjoy the school.  The staff is awesome.  My daughter loves attending everyday.  The teachers make her feel comfortable to be there.  I love how the teachers go above and beyond their duties as teachers.  The school is a warm and inviting atmosphere; it makes me feel comfortable to leave my child there for her preschool experience." Sara daughter 4 years
"Just-4-Kids preschool is an excellent school.  I have nothing be great things to say.  The teachers/staff are friendly and just plain awesome.  I would recommend this preschool to anyone!  I will be very sad to leave when my daughter starts Kindergarden.  I live in Phelan and make the 1/2 hour drive (one way) 3 times a week.  Totally worth it!" Corinne daughter 5 years
"The experience at Just-4-Kids has been great.  Ms. Jennie has been a pleasure to have as a teacher this year and I greatly appreciate all that she has done and taught my child this year.  Everyone is always friendly and welcoming.  I really like how structured everything has been during our time at Just-4-Kids." Tiffaney son Private Kindergarden
"Ms. Christina is our daughters teacher.  We are in a difficult transition in our lives and Just-4-Kids has been very undertanding, accommadating, and helpful through this transition.  The school is very aware of who picks up and when and that has been very comforting to for myself during this time.  Ms. Christina is great.  She has kept me up to date on all our daughters work and behavior.  It has been a positive experience everytime I walk through the doors and pick up my daughter on Fridays." Henry daughter 3 years old
"Just-4-Kids is a very excellent learning enviorment for my son.  I'm extremly confident that I made the right choice enrolling his here, he's ready for Kindergarden and will excell because of what he's learned here.  The teachers and front staff are very friendly and their main concern is the saftey of the children.  Anytime I've had questions or concerns the staff has gotten it handled in a timely manner.  Keep up the good work, teachers and staff of Just-4-Kids!" Amy son 4 years old
"I feel very happy that my son is attending Just-4-Kids Preschool.  It is a joy to see the teachers teaching my son in a very nice and caring way.  My son really loves this school, even at home he misses school and wants to go back.  This school is great!" Elena son 3 years old
"Our family is new to J4K , we were previously at J4T which we absolutely loved! the staff there was great! The staff at J4K has made us feel welcomed during our first two weeks.  Our daughter likes her teacher, Ms. Christina very much.  We are still getting to know everyone but look forward to our furture with J4K!" Brandy daughter 3 years old
I often think about how fortunate I have been to have such a wonderful place for my daughter while I am at work. I am comfortable to know that my child is being cared for by people who have the same values, hopes, and dreams for my child as I do. Mrs. Chrissy and Mrs. Linda have supported each parenting technique I have chosen an doffered me the wealth of their experience when I struggled with my toddlers new "phase." They have instilled within my child a sense of community, creativity, and self esteem. I ahve never questioned the safety or security of my child while in their care. Daycare providers are teachers, nurses, counselors and much, much more to not only the children in their care but also the parents as well. Hopefully this testimonia will help them understand how important they are and what an incredible job they do helping me care for my child. Heather - 2 year old
My family and I are new to this school but we already love it! The teachers are wonderful, my child comes hame each day talking about all the fun things he did while at school and all of his new friends! I am so glad we chose to enroll him here and we look forward to a wonderful first school experience with him. I would tell any one I knew to stop on by and meet the teachers and see the school you will feel the same way I do about them. Nicole - 2 1/2 year old
Beautiful school! Fun teachers! my child is learning so much just in the short time she has been there!! Good job, Ms.Chrissy, Ms. Linda and Ms.Tracey! Josh - 19 months
I am one of the first parents to enroll my child in the new infant program and leaving my child with strangers at first was really hard, but as I got to know the wonderful staff at Just4Toddlers I realized that I had made the right choice for my child and myself. The teachers are all so friendly and helpful and truely seem to care for my child. They let me know every little thing he does throughout the day so i feel like I still kind of get to be part of his day. I call several times each day to check on him and they are always so warm with me. I look forward to many more happy times with Just4Toddlers! Renee - 13 months